About Us


The Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club was formed in 1947 and is a non-profit corporation, pursuant to the provisions of the North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 55A, the North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation Act as amended. ARPC is a private club with a total of 800 members and is not open to the public.

The purpose of our club is to:

  • Encourage organized shooting activities among citizens of good repute, resident in our community and elsewhere, and
  • Encourage marksmanship skills, sportsmanship, and the proper and safe use and care of firearms, and
  • Own and operate shooting range facilities for the benefit of its members, and to create a place of recreation and association for members, their families and invitees, and
  • Protect and preserve the God-given and unalienable right of the people, individually and collectively, to keep and bear arms for all lawful purposes, to exercise their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; to protect and preserve the Constitutional guarantees of those rights provided in the Constitution of the United States and the Amendments thereto, and in Article I, Section 30 of the Constitution of North Carolina.

Our Facility

Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club maintains two primary shooting ranges located at 100 Sandy Spring Drive
Arden, NC 28704

  • an outdoor pistol range with 16 positions at 25 and 50 yards, plus six 10-yard lanes
  • an outdoor rifle range with 34 positions at 25-200 yards

Who May Shoot

Shooting at our range is limited to Members and Guests of Members. Competitor guests at open shooting matches are the guests of the club and must have demonstrated past experience in safe shooting in order to participate. Examples of past experience include an active NRA classification, personal vouching by a club member, certification of range safety officer training, certification of firearm instructor, etc. Permission to allow a competitor guest to shoot is the responsibility of the event organizers and attending range safety officers, and their decision is final.